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"Mary Margaret has that unique ability to see straight to the heart of any matter.  Her advice saved me from an exhausting detour down the wrong path. I cannot recommend her enough.”

"If you are stuck or your career has wandered off track, I highly recommend working with Mary Margaret. She is a great listener and advisor. She gave me really valuable advice on possible alternatives and next steps to explore based on my current phase of life."

"Mary Margaret is thoughtful, perceptive, quick-witted and on the cutting edge of mentorship in a time when the traditional work environment is going through drastic transformation. In a short period of time she was able to accurately and intuitively understand the position I'm in, generate thought-provoking questions and offer helpful guidance on next steps. Most of all, I felt heard. Understood. Affirmed. I finished our call feeling more confident, focused and optimistic." 

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