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A weekly class series for emerging leaders with Mary Margaret Skelly


Work Like a Human is an accessible introduction to executive coaching. It's an informal class series that covers a wide variety of topics related to enjoying our working lives.


It's for you if you're ready to use every tool available to elevate out of frustration around your work. So you can be a lighthouse and positive force in a world that desperately needs you - sure. But more immediately, so you can relax and find joy in your day to day, even as you build over time toward your ambitious goals.


Drawing on various philosophical traditions and Mary Margaret's own life experience and observations working with hundreds of clients, Work Like a Human offers grounded, practical guidance.


Lawyers, consultants, accountants, corporate professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs alike rely on Work Like a Human as a weekly reset and sanity check. 

New, pre-recorded classes are shared once per week. Membership gives you instant access to a past library of 60+ classes as well as the opportunity to join monthly live group coaching calls.


"Work Like a Human is supporting me to develop my potential in a fast-paced environment, and to better handle the workload, pressure and high demand with more grace and ease."

"You hold a space where you make things simple, and yet we go so deep."

"I so appreciated the collaborative container you created for us - the gentle guidance you offered and your ability to cut through to the heart of our questions / needs and point us in the right direction."

"The depth and breadth that was packed into such a short amount of time was crazy! So much to chew on."



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