Work Like a Human 

A weekly talk series with Mary Margaret Skelly



We have a choice right now: we can become automatons, numbing out with technology and becoming one with the machine in an effort to squeeze out ever more productivity. Or we can choose to embrace our humanity like never before. We can combine ancient and future technologies to create a Golden Age of fulfillment - a natural overflow of service, harmony, and creativity.

Life's intensity is challenging us to gain and use new tools to get more done in less time - and for the right reasons. It's less about grinding away, and more about getting into the right frequency. All this pressure is a wonderful opportunity.

I'm in favor of working like a human. I've seen how it's made me along with the people I work with happier, calmer, more joyful, and more confident that we're doing what we came here to do. 

I've been a student of what it means to work like a human for years now, and I have a lot to share - more than I can get across on Instagram, in my private sessions, or my newsletter. I wanted a quick, straightforward and efficient way to get you the codes and information I've downloaded onto my human operating system, so you can make quantum leaps.


This series is for anyone who is ready to alchemize the intensity of this time into a catalyst for true, heart-centered fulfillment.

It's for you if you find traditional career coaching limiting and patronizing.

It's designed to be short and accessible on your own time (though I do love seeing you live and answering your questions). 



Work Like a Human Series

1 to 1:30 pm Pacific


(Live option - or available for replay)

Lecture + Q&A

$5 each

$15 monthly subscription for access to that month's talks and past library

You'll receive the Zoom link 24 hours before the call, and the recording within 24 hours following the call.​

Straightforward topics like prepping for a job interview and growing your business will be covered. We're firmly grounded in the 3D world around here. However, we'll also spend a lot of time talking about masculine/feminine energy dynamics, cultivating consistency, and cutting through deception around "manifestation" and how to actually get what you want and want what you get.


Expect the esoteric. We're taking a look at what it means to be a purposeful, engaged human through a wide lens, and no topic is off the table.

Here are a couple past talks you can explore to get a feel:

About Mary Margaret

A decade ago a cab driver told me (unsolicited) that I looked like I was wound pretty tight. I spent most of my early working life in a state of overwhelm. After several autoimmune diagnoses and an epic case of burnout, I was highly motivated to change things.


I've spent over a decade advising executives, entrepreneurs and creatives on their working lives.


Combined with hundreds of hours of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice and study, I've developed a highly efficient toolkit for moving completely beyond the frantic, anxious pace so prevalent today.

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Love for past talks

"You hold a space where you make things simple, and yet we go so deep."

"I so appreciated the collaborative container you created for us - the gentle guidance you offered and your ability to cut through to the heart of our questions / needs and point us in the right direction."

"The depth and breadth that was packed into such a short amount of time was crazy! So much to chew on."

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