Work Evolution Movement

Intensive Small Group Work for Accelerated Change

Come together with a diverse group of highly motivated women from a range of industries and roles. What do we all have in common? A strong desire to create an elevated working world.

Bring your open questions about how you can express more of your holistic self at work, how you can gracefully navigate interpersonal dynamics in the workplace, how you can more fully align your gifts and passions with your day job in a financially rewarding way, how you can elevate your team, peers and supervisors, and how commerce can be used as a force for good.


Through intensive self-reflection and assigned individual work, honest feedback and accountability from me and a committed group, and a refinement of your best ideas, leave the program with a clear vision and action plan for how you can best serve a world that really needs you, your creativity, and your fulfilled self.


8 Week Program

Working with Laptop

2 One on One Virtual Sessions with Me

4 Calls with your Accountability Partner

Image by Aaron Burden

4 Group Virtual Sessions with Me

Image by CoWomen
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Now Accepting Applications for the Winter 2020 Cycle

The next program begins January 6.