I work with women who are ready to start their own businesses and long-time entrepreneurs who need accountability to get to the next level, as well as women firmly entrenched in the corporate world.

​I believe we need leaders in every industry--whether you are called to revolutionize your own experience of your workplace from within, take the leap and start your own business, or get serious and accelerate a business you have had for a while. Often, subtle shifts create quantum positive changes in our day to day.


I serve as a sounding board and guide, having advised hundreds of professionals on how to develop as leaders and create more fulfilling working lives. As a serial entrepreneur myself, I also understand the unique challenges and rewards of start-up life.

Do any of these common challenges apply to you?

  • You are exhausted and overwhelmed by daily demands and know something has to give

  • You feel deeply it's time for a career change but don't know where to start, or you fear the financial repercussions

  • You need support preparing to apply for or accept a pivotal leadership position or board seat

  • You are an entrepreneur and need accountability around setting and meeting goals

  • You are a manager or entrepreneur struggling to manage millennial talent in an evolved and effective way

  • You are excelling in a corporate environment but feel you don't have the opportunity to express the full range of your creative gifts

  • You are following your dream but financial stability is elusive

  • You need tools to shift challenging interpersonal dynamics with colleagues or clients

  • You had a mixed performance review and need to improve in one specific area

Who Should Work with Me?

Purpose-driven, passionate women come to me from a wide variety of industries. Each has a burning internal drive to bring more of her full self to work, to align with her highest purpose, and to prosper.


The women I work with aim to recover from their own burnout, identify the direction they truly want to move in, and be part of the creation of a humane, evolved working world. They have tried the hustle and are convinced there is a better way.

One on One Sessions

"I had the supreme pleasure of experiencing Mary Margaret's gifts when she gave a series of talks to the Aquarian Women's Leadership Society. She has a masterful mix of natural gifts and cultivated expertise. She is at once direct and openhearted; surgical in her questioning, yet contagiously compassionate.


She can hold the Big Picture in her aura, allowing those lucky enough to work with her the freedom to mine as deeply into the details as they can, and when they have unearthed the wisdom that they were looking for, she's there to pull them back up, and to help them integrate the found treasure into their psyche and practice.


I highly recommend Mary Margaret's expertise, spirit, and skill to anyone who is working to better themselves via creation and career, no matter where they are in the process. Any work done with Mary Margaret will result in clarity, inspiration, and RESULTS!"

-- Akal Sanpriti, Entrepreneur (Charlotte, NC)

"Mary Margaret is an absolutely stellar guide and consultant. If you seek to embody something unique she is a force to have by your side. She partners well, has advanced listening skills, and keen vision about what is possible.


She has helped me see myself from a new perspective, enhance my online presence, improve my outlook at work, and come up with a timeline for a book that I had been struggling with for 5+ years.


I highly value the time I have spent with Mary Margaret and recommend her to anyone who wants to enjoy their life and have impact through their work."

-- Rachel, Talent &  Organizational Development Director (Portland, OR)

"It has been a profound experience working with Mary Margaret.  As a creative and a service-based entrepreneur, I have struggled on my path with feeling confident around finances, business acumen and what it takes to build a non-traditional business.


Mary Margaret has not only put those fears to rest in the most empathetic manner, she has helped me understand that I was doing the absolute best I could given the circumstances of the current paradigm: one that is linear, based in black and white and does not necessarily support creative female vision and leadership.  

She has given me fresh new tools and confidence to move forward as a Visionary. She has helped me understand that my mission is vital and important in helping create a better, healthier planet and to serve humanity in a new way.


Her bite-sized weekly homework assignments have had a powerfully positive effect on me. Her insights and knowledge of the skills and resources that women bring to the table in business is nothing short of a godsend.  I finally feel understood and ready to bring my gift to the world."

-- Jenee, Vocal Coach, Musician and Entrepreneur (Boston, MA)

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