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Why coaching training?

The best coaches constantly seek out new opportunities to learn and hone their craft.

As a leadership, business, and creativity coach, I work with women who do all kinds of jobs! However, more and more women are coming to me for support and guidance as they create or expand their own practices working with others one on one.

None of us picked up many tools for a fulfilling life in school. Working one on one with an expert, at any stage of life, is an incredible way to continue to evolve and make the most of this precious human life.

When you serve others individually as a business, executive, leadership, career or life coach; a creativity, writing or singing coach; an intuitive, healer, or wellness guide, or other kind of advisor, you play an important role in providing accountability and support as we all wake up to our inherent expansive natures.


You're the new educators for a more heart-centered age, and your work can change the direction of someone's life. Let's help you reach more people who will benefit from your work.

What will we cover in this course?

We'll dive into the following:

  • How can I design a fulfilling career or side business serving others one on one?

  • How will my coaching work support my life?

  • How do I create clients I'm excited to work with?

  • How can I serve as a more effective guide?

  • What is my unique message?

  • How can I manage my energy so I can show up fully in every client session?

  • Do I have to turn myself into a social media influencer in order to fill my calendar?

  • How do I know what to charge for my services?

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who have knowledge to share - either because you've spent your career in an industry and you're now ready to mentor and give back in a more formalized way, or because you've completed a training program in your given field. And now it's time to become more visible.

Coaches of all kinds

  • Executive, leadership, business, career

  • Creativity, writing, singing, public speaking

  • Mindset, life, performance

Wellness professionals who work one on one with others

  • Intuitives, readers, healers

  • Energy workers and private yoga teachers

  • Counselors


Training for Coaches

with Mary Margaret Skelly

Sunday, May 24 at 12 pm Pacific

The Art of Coaching

Learn techniques to elevate your clients and consistently provide so much value that "selling" becomes a lot more graceful.

How Working One on One With Others Can Support Your Life

Make a plan for how you will approach your business in a way that will allow you to most effectively serve.

Your Unique Message

Learn tools to gain the confidence to become visible, share your knowledge widely, and routinely offer others an experience of what you do.

Energy Management

Learn how you can model a more sophisticated way of working and how to cultivate stamina as more and more people seek out your expertise.


Demystify how to price your offerings and learn how to stop trading time for money.

Private Session With Mary Margaret

Optimize your unique practice and finalize your personalized plan for your sustainable business.

What is included?

  • Five group video calls led by Mary Margaret 

  • A one-on-one session with Mary Margaret for personalized guidance as you launch or accelerate your unique practice

  • Detailed workbook including questions for reflection and clear, actionable next steps

  • Access to the other participants - a supportive cohort on the same journey

Who will teach the course?

I've been in client services and leadership advisory my entire career. I've learned from some of the most successful coaches and consultants in the business.

I've also built my own thriving coaching practice.

I'm passionate about sharing my hard-earned wisdom with those will do some good with it. This is just the beginning for the coaching and online learning industries, and there is room for all of us.


You can learn more about me here.

Mary Margaret Skelly


The course is $1,797. Payment plans are available.

A limited number of discounts are available for those experiencing financial hardship. Email support @ for more information.

How can I learn more and sign up?

Group training sessions will take place virtually on five consecutive Sundays. All sessions begin at 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern.

Sessions will take as long as they need to. Measuring value by time spent rather than energy exchanged is outdated. That said, I acknowledge we are still bound to an extent by our calendars, so plan to block around 60 minutes. Sessions will be recorded and can be viewed later. Your individual session will be scheduled for a convenient time for you following the five group sessions.

Dates for the next course will be released shortly.

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