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Mary Margaret Skelly - Quarterly Report

"This is one of the best investments you can give yourself, your career, and consequently everyone that you cross paths with."

- Q3 2020 Participant


Welcome to Q2 2021:

Your Next Step

Spring is a time of renewal, making the second quarter of the year especially powerful! With the Spring Equinox behind us, we're working with a swell of refreshing energy. And none of us can go through a year like 2020 without seriously transforming.


You aren't the same person you were a year ago, and your work should reflect that. Whether it's time for a massive change or merely a perspective shift, you deserve support as you navigate this exciting season. You have so many options, which can make it challenging to determine the right next step for you.


Immerse yourself in new ideas and perspectives so your most expansive next step can reveal itself to you.

Quarterly Report is part mastermind, lecture series, group coaching, and self-study course all in one program.

Quarterly Report is a 6-week course for women who know they have a mission and will stop at nothing to live in alignment with it. No matter where you are in your journey - maybe that mission is clear to you, maybe it's not yet - you'll be supported in Quarterly Report.

If you're frustrated at work, it's probably because you're squandering your natural gifts. There's a bigger destiny out there for you (or perhaps right in front of you). If years pass and you remain stagnant, the discontent will only deepen, straining your relationships and robbing you of your vibrancy along the way.


You're here to pioneer new, more holistic ways of working, that encompass all the best of your intellectual reason as well as your finely-tuned intuition. Wisdom that knows our frenetic work culture isn't the smartest way we could be doing things.


We cover a lot throughout this 6-week course, including:


  • setting the right energetic frequency for positive change (rather than attempting to solve all your challenges from a solely intellectual perspective)

  • receptivity to all the opportunities and gifts trying to make their way to you

  • what "finding your purpose" even means, and how to relax around it so it can find you

  • getting into right relationship with money

  • working with your own rhythms rather than someone else's

  • effective communication with colleagues and clients

  • taking your power back and remembering who you are.






Who is this for?



It's for you if you've ever thought it was silly that you have to look like you're working all the time, even though you KNOW you're more productive when you take breaks throughout the day.

If you care about beauty and pleasure and don't see why they can't be part of your work day.

If you're into spirituality but don't necessarily want to lead with it. You're wondering if you can ever merge your "after-school" interests with your day job and actually make money from them.

If you're super efficient and feel like you've outgrown your current work situation.

If you're burnt out and don't feel like you have many options.

If you're an entrepreneur or you work for someone else.

If something has to give, and you don't know where to start.


By the end of this program, you will view yourself as a leader who is in control of her own destiny.

  • landed new dream jobs

  • tripled their revenue

  • confidently started new jobs after experiencing anxiety due to having been out of the workforce for a while

  • launched courses and creative newsletters

  • built up the confidence to accept public speaking roles

  • healed a relationship with a tough boss

  • moved through fears of being seen

  • collaborated with other Quarterly Report members

  • reported feeling more relaxed about their work and enjoying it more

Previous participants have:

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NEW: a one-on-one session with Mary Margaret

12 group coaching calls with Mary Margaret (live or catch the replay)*

support from women on the same quest + connection through the Quarterly Report online forum

What's included?

Mary Margaret Skelly sitting

About Mary Margaret

I've been immersed in Wall Street and Silicon Valley as well as wellness industry culture.


The first two taught me strategic excellence. The wellness industry reminded me I'm a human being. The combination of the two makes for a potent approach to a working life well lived.


It's so encouraging to be connected to other women who are having similar experiences. I really appreciate the sense of community, especially during Covid.

- Ellie, Project Manager (Chicago, IL)



Pay in full for Quarter 2 mentorship.

Quarter 2 runs from May 4 to June 12

One - Time Payment



*Live group calls are Tuesdays at 4 pm Pacific and Saturdays at 9 am Pacific

from May 4 to June 12. Replays available.

Embarking on a new career or launching your business can feel really lonely, as you fumble around trying to make your way. Quarterly Report gave me an opportunity to be in a community of women, realize there are common themes/goals among all of us, and then receive the support. It was a real blessing. Quarterly Report encouraged me take a hard look at my business and ask myself: Where have I been limiting myself? Where have I been wasting my time? The biggest takeaway for me was releasing any guilt around delegating. Whether that is getting help with Instagram posts, updating my website, or marketing in general, it’s alright to hire people. Investing in that was so worth it, as it instantly reduced feelings of overwhelm.



I have been loving Quarterly Report. It's great, and we have a lovely cohort of women. So much has been percolating and shifting this quarter, and I feel like Mary Margaret has the magic touch for sorting through and having a good bird's eye perspective. I have been drawn to healing arts, and had a major download that I should be working with peers on connecting to their inner soul. In addition to the creative and visual offerings at the core of my business, I started sharing healing movement sessions developed to inspire people to move into the body and get out of our heads.


With deeply pragmatic insight, Mary Margaret has a way of saying exactly what you need to hear, when you need to hear it. Every time I talk to her I leave feeling more empowered and more myself. I cannot recommend her enough.


I wanted to say thank you for a fabulous Quarterly Report experience this year. I think what I enjoyed the most was the accountability (being part of a group weekly), intimate conversations with my partner, and the wisdom you shared in your talks. I think the energy around the whole thing was helpful in reminding me that I can do hard things, and that I’m meant to do big things (one step at a time).


Your program truly made a huge difference in my drive during a really wonky time.