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Quarterly Report with Mary Margaret Skelly is a forum for professional women who share one theme in common: we want to work in a more sophisticated, streamlined, & enjoyable way.

We're holistically ambitious.

Meaning yes, we want to be prosperous, so we can have the energy to actually enjoy this life and a foundation from which to serve others - but we also want fulfilling relationships, time and space for creative outlets, vibrant health, and the freedom to try new things and reinvent ourselves. 


Mentorship is critical, but it can be challenging to find non-biased mentors within your own company.


And while investing in a personal guide can result in quantum leaps, it's not always the right time to use your resources in that way. 

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ask questions & receive direct guidance on group advisory calls about your individual professional situation

gain a network of similarly forward-thinking women around the world

broaden your perspective of the opportunities available to you & how to act on them

increase your confidence in the professional realm

polish your resume & LinkedIn profile (in this era of massive change, true professionals know to always stay up to date)

Enter Quarterly Report,

a group advisory program led by Mary Margaret Skelly, where you'll have the opportunity to:



for Q3 ends

July 15.

Quarterly Report is for driven, conscious women who want to find

& excel at the work they're meant to do.


Pay in full for Quarter 3 mentorship.

Quarter 3 runs from

July 1 - September 30, 2020

One - Time Payment

Payment Plan

Pay in 3 monthly installments.

Quarter 3 runs from

July 1 - September 30, 2020




Enrollment for Quarter 3 closes July 15, 2020.


Quarterly Report is an all-virtual leadership experience.

Quarter 3 runs from July 1 - September 30, 2020.

Enrollment closes July 15.

Group Advisory Calls

3 group advisory calls per quarter with Mary Margaret Skelly

Office Hours

2 office hours calls with Emily Davol

Guest Speakers

2 guest speaker calls per quarter from professional speakers weighing in on leadership development-related topics

Professional Directory

in-house skill-sharing & networking at your fingertips


Q3 Theme


The demands on our time and energy right now require

that we simplify. It's important to take a hard look at where we are wasting our time, and identify the small changes we can make to get ourselves on the right track. In addition, many of us are realizing we have multidimensional interests. Rather than living a double life, where can we merge our separate worlds to make a deeper impact with all of them?

Quarter 3 runs from July 1 - September 30, 2020

Why Quarterly Report?

Businesses have long divided the fiscal year into four three-month periods for planning and accounting purposes. And for thousands of years, cultures around the world have marked the passage of time by celebrating summer and winter solstice and fall and spring equinox - dates that also split the year into four distinct quarters. Three months is a great length of time to focus on a goal and create real positive change. Not too long, not too short.

This is for you if you know we need a new paradigm.

Quarterly Report is a rare meeting point for women who work internationally in different industries, at various levels, with a wealth of contrasting viewpoints, who respect that we are all different facets of the same diamond.


One that embraces a nonlinear experience of life and our careers - and one that acknowledges those of us hungry for growth and evolution aren't going to stay in the same place forever. We're living multiple lives in one now. And not because we're scattered, or can't commit - because we came here to have a rich experience of life, and leave having shared all of our gifts. 


Meet Mary Margaret Skelly

I believe its time for you to feel better at work.

I have intensive, real-world training combined with a realistic vision of how much more fulfilled we can become as individuals, communities, and a planet if we evolve the way we work. And I have seen how women are uniquely motivated to drive change that will ultimately benefit everyone.

I have advised hundreds of business leaders through my work as an executive search consultant on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, and for companies of all sizes across industries around the world.

I've seen a lot. And sadly, I've observed that the majority of working people, especially women, are completely overwhelmed and dissatisfied.


I believe this can be remedied in a pragmatic way by reconnecting to our essence, forgetting much of what we've learned about what a successful life looks like, and staying true to ourselves. The traditional, one-dimensional path simply does not work for most of us.




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