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Yoga and Meditation for Prosperity, New Jobs, and Increased Revenue

In order to be of service to anyone else, we have to put our own oxygen masks on first. If we're worried about paying rent and putting food on the table, we don't have a lot of extra energy to show up for others. So it's important--and quite "spiritual"--to have some prosperity flowing in the material realm.

And this requires taking action. If you need a new job, you have to apply for one or two! More revenue requires more marketing and business development efforts. It's important to stay sharp and come at things from different angles in a real, roll-up-your-sleeves kind of way.

But what if you've done everything you possibly can, and you need an assist? Or maybe you want to supplement your three-dimensional efforts by aligning with the universal current in a way that will make things flow more smoothly for you.

This is where the prosperity teachings from Kundalini Yoga come in. Don't take my word for it. Try some of these out, and see if things don't shift for you in a positive way.

Prosperity Kriyas

A kriya is just a set of practices. Pick one or more of these to try every day, or at least a couple times a week, for increased job opportunities, more actual cash coming in, additional resources presenting themselves, and more visibility for your business:

  • Sobagh Kriya. A set of five exercises in a row done for three minutes each. Said to be especially auspicious for those looking for a new job.

  • Meditation to Manifest Money, Prosperity and Wealth. Just like it sounds--known to bring in actual tangible money.

  • Gyan Chakra Kriya. I'll be honest: this one makes for a challenging eleven minutes! But it pays off. I've noticed an undeniable connection between doing this meditation, and receiving some kind of miraculous opportunity later that day.

  • Addiction Meditation. A bit of a different approach, this is a quick three-minute meditation for clearing out habitual tendencies that hold us back. You might have an addiction to overwork, for example, that's causing a lot of unhappiness. There is much anecdotal evidence of this meditation helping it to just fall away.

Prosperity Mantras

You can chant these mentally or out loud, or simply play them around your house. It can be very powerful to get an affordable mantra box and play one of these 24/7 (or use an old phone or iPod). You can get a pair of cheap headphones and play the mantra so low that no one in your house or office will be able to hear it unless they hold the headphones up to their ear. It still counts!

It's also very useful to play one or more of these at night while you sleep.

  • Aap Sahae Hoa by White Sun. It's the mantra for financial solvency during tough economic times; it's the frequency of your bills getting paid and basic needs taken care of. It has also been known to bring in new business. From Spirit Voyage: "It can relieve unbearable financial pressure. This mantra a gift to you that will let you penetrate the unknown without fear. It will give you protection and mental balance." Not bad!

  • Bahota Karam by White Sun. Quite simply, said to bring prosperity if chanted at least eleven times a day.

  • Eka Mai by White Sun. Said to invoke the feminine creative power. Useful for problem-solving!

  • Lakshman. A quick one you can chant 22 times per day. According to RA MA Institute, this mantra is an embodiment of the male polarity of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

Kundalini Yoga is non-religious. It doesn't require a belief in its technologies for it to work. It's all about your own experience. We're only at the beginning of our understanding of how the breathwork, physical yoga, meditations and mantras that make up Kundalini Yoga affect us. UCLA has done a few early studies, but we need many more.

In the meantime, thousands of us have noticed a massive upgrade from these practices. May they be useful to you!

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