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Women and Fatigue

I talked about rest yesterday as part of my Conscious Career Reset series on RA MA TV and all the ways we can recharge in any circumstances. I do believe we have more power than we think.

But if you’ve ever been exhausted and gone to the doctor, the advice you’ve received has likely been inadequate (because the research well-meaning doctors rely on to advise you is inadequate). Especially, and I hate to say it, if you’re a woman.

Women have long been perceived as weaker, and our fatigue has for decades been attributed to hysteria or boredom.

I like the Medical Medium because he validates the physical realities behind illness (he shows why they aren’t in our heads) and shares simple, inexpensive ways to heal.

I wish there was more science behind it. However, there’s little money in his remedies. The way our institutions are incentivized means they aren’t likely to look into it any time soon.

Believe it or not, I have a scientific mind, and have spent hours on PubMed (backed by the National Institutes of Health) looking into autoimmune and chronic fatigue studies. Caring scientists have identified many leads, including evidence of viral causes, but they have not been followed up on because women’s health has never been a priority. One thing I’m sure of: your body never attacks itself, so you can drop that unscientific, unproven theory.

So while it’s undeniable our attitudes and approaches can affect how tired we are, I want to acknowledge the physical reasons behind fatigue as well if you’ve been suffering. Take heart though—the answers are always out there for those with ears to hear.

And if you’re a scientist, doctor, healthcare administrator or healer navigating the landmine that is our healthcare system, you have an opportunity to become a leader and I’m here to support.

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