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What's Your Central Question?

When it comes to your work, what is your central question? (Householder work definitely counts.) Formulating the right question gets you halfway to the right answer. It is said that those who ask better questions, get better answers! So for example, my central question for a while has been: how can I make sure my mind is stimulated by complex problems and challenges, while working at a pace my body can sustain? The answer is more one I live into, rather than solve and move on. It will likely shift, but these questions tend to intrigue us for years at a time. So inquiring into my particular question has involved years of overwork (or at least over-worry), followed by years of perhaps too much space in my schedule, to show me some contrast, and point to how I can integrate care of both mind and body.

Living into the answers has shown me how I can cultivate more energy, while keeping my nervous system and adrenaline at an even keel so I minimize wasted energy. The question points to what you're really looking for. We think it's certain things - money, promotions, work/life balance, accolades - but it's often more complex than these obvious ones. Here are some examples:

  • How can I be an effective boss and shepherd of other souls without turning into the impatient managers I disliked working under?

  • How do I face the holy task of managing the years where parenting responsibilities and professional demands are both at their most intense?

  • How do I let go of people-pleasing tendencies, and what opens up in my life as a result? (And how can I get strong enough to not take it personally when others feel let down?)

  • Can I be a conscious entrepreneur and create the same kind of - or even more - prosperity than I did in my corporate job?

  • Can I return to the corporate job and not lose my independent spirit, originality and responsibility to the fulfillment of my soul?

What's your central question? If you don't know, we do an exercise to uncover it in this Work Like a Human class.

You can learn more about Work Like a Human here. With love Mary Margaret

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