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What It's Like to Work With Me

I'm often asked what it looks like to work with me. At times I've struggled to articulate it because it's so individualized. Every session looks different. Women come to me with all kinds of career-related questions. They might be struggling to integrate the spiritual side of themselves with their corporate job. They may be heartbroken about a current event and want to do something about it, but don't know how. They might want to switch careers and need help strategizing how. They may have their own business, but want to grow it, or contain it, or streamline it. They might love their work, but feel incredibly burnt out and are looking for tools to manage their energy. Perhaps they want to become better managers. I meet women where they are. They share their story. We get both esoteric--meaning we look at the energetics behind the situation--and very, very practical. I believe there is little that can't be solved step by step. I love the linear, masculine brain for that reason. We get to the root of the problems and solve them (or as Yogi Bhajan suggested, we elevate higher than the problems, and we drop them). And then there is also the intuitive, feminine side of the work I do--which many women are starving for. As women, we need to evolve the way we work. We are, on the whole, exhausted. We don't leave enough space for our creative genius to speak to us. And yet, when we do slow down, we feel left behind in this hyper-productive world. We don't have true role models for what it really would mean to work in a feminine way (we have many more examples of people who rely solely on their masculine selves). So we have to work this out for ourselves now. Our health and the happiness of our entire families hang in the balance. The process is accelerated exponentially when we work it out with other women. What works? What does it look like to work in a feminine-dominant way? How do we create new projections so people respect our authority at work? How do we remain soft, open, heart-centered in such a brutally critical world? These are not easy questions to explore. The answers have a lot to do with embracing a side of ourselves we have always been told to ignore. It requires taking our power back, being unafraid to be different, sacrificing a tendency to please, and also looking at where we are playing a role in creating toxic dynamics with others in the workplace. There is pushback, and there are tests. But the rewards are great. What I hope--and I'm told--my clients leave with above all is more energy. Sometimes the sessions themselves can be confronting. It's hard work, and often uncomfortable, to look at our patterns. But my goal is to leave them feeling lighter, and more hopeful, and more clear. They leave with a plan. They have a next step (or ten! depending on what they have the capacity to tackle). Often, the next steps involve removing things from their plates and consolidating their efforts. Many women are past the breaking point, and their to-do lists simply cannot get any longer. They just can't work any harder. After working with me, my clients have a broader understanding of their mission in the world, and the part they are playing. They go easier on themselves, because they know what they are up against. And when they relax ever more deeply, they become more aware. They see where they need to jump in and hustle, and where they absolutely don't need to. They are better able to spot opportunities. They allow in more cold hard cash. They start to become living examples of a better way. If this is intriguing to you, you can learn more about what it looks like to work with me and apply here.

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