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What is Prosperity, Really?

I straddle two worlds. First is the wellness space, where there is an understanding that there are certain meditations that can clear subconscious blocks to bringing in money and having a stable life. They are known as “prosperity meditations”. The other is the mainstream business world, where people rightfully strategize and work hard to build wealth and create an enjoyable 3D life with lots of options for themselves and their families. In both worlds, a majority believe more cash will solve everything. And obviously, not having enough money is stressful. There's even new research showing more money can make you happier provided you spend it right. But I'm still struck by how we collectively view prosperity. I was watching a reality show with a friend a while back and one of the wealthy characters was explaining what a tough year she had had. This friend thought she didn't have the right to complain because she had enough money. This reaction really said it all - we think enough money will make us immune to emotional upset. That tragedy can't strike when we're wealthy. Or if it does, we better keep our mouths shut about it. It follows, then, that what many of us are working toward when we do a prosperity meditation or put in long hours is freedom from the ups and downs of life. And money can insulate us from some of those. But this is a polarized planet, if you couldn't tell. Good times and bad are coming for us all. Prosperity comes when we are calm enough to have the wherewithal to identify it despite the ups and downs. When we're aware of it. Prosperity begets prosperity. It's all around you, right now, and it grows as it's recognized. Prosperity is a kind of elegance and efficient use of energy and intuition. It's when things just always tend to work out for you. It often results in cash, but as a by-product of a life purposefully and joyfully led. Prosperity is:

  • finding a parking space in a crowded lot

  • a short line at the DMV

  • when Instagram shows you an ad for exactly what you want, and it's on sale

  • when the bill for the movers is a third of what you thought it was going to be

  • good health

  • someone giving you nice furniture they don't want anymore for free

  • your kid's new school's vacation calendar lining up with your employer's holiday schedule

  • when your parents are around to watch your kids

  • feeling like maybe you shouldn't spend $20 at Moon Juice and realizing when you get to the register you have enough points to cover your purchase

  • and certainly those times when you get a wild, unexpected influx of cash

Prosperity comes like a magnet to those who relentlessly appreciate. It's a universal law. ~ Mary Margaret

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