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The Best Investments I Made in 2020

Here are the best investments I made this year:

  • Immense Grace, the Kundalini Yoga intensive and women's leadership development program I do every year (I'm in the middle of my fourth go-round).

  • Business School through RA MA Institute. Business tips through a yogic lens.

  • The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, which I've talked about before. It's a course focused on retraining your limbic system out of old neural pathways that keep you locked in chronic fatigue, food or environmental allergies, negativity, and so on. I can also see how this program could help someone stop reliving old traumatic events, even like a bad breakup. It's very broadly applicable for anyone stuck in any kind of rut or negative loop.

  • Intuitive Adrenal Reset, a course through Muneeza Ahmed focused on how we can protect our adrenals—basically, be less tired. Muneeza is a cool lady. She used to be the CFO of a unit at Disney before her lifelong health problems became too extreme to ignore. She met Anthony William, the Medical Medium, before his books made him famous around the world. She now uses his information to help people out of the worst health situations that mainstream medicine can't solve.

  • Private sessions with Robin Miller to get me through an acute health problem. She's one of those multi-faceted medicine women with such a broad and deep toolkit she's hard to categorize. Her practical advice was a lifesaver.

Learning doesn't have to stop after college. The online education space has exploded. We do have to really hunt for caliber, given the lack of university-style accreditation in this arena. But this is a good opportunity to strengthen our intuition, which ultimately is going to trump someone else's approval process.

As an advisor, I consider it my responsibility to continue to learn, and then synthesize and share the best of the teachings with all those I work with.

Life can be pretty simple for some. A positive mental attitude and a couple self-help books and they're on their way. This hasn't been the case for me. I've had to turn over many stones and peel back many layers in order to get this life to work for me in any kind of dependable, enjoyable way.

I'm grateful for this. It helps me go deeper with those I work with. You won't hear any platitudes from me because I know true healing and development is usually messy and can often take some time. Simply getting more sleep and exercise can be enough for certain people. But for those of us who came here to really engage in life and not shy away from its challenges, this basic foundation is not enough.

These programs helped me put together even more of the pieces. The best of the teachings all make their way into my work (with credit given where it's due).

I'm in the process of finalizing the coursework for Q1 of Quarterly Report, which kicks off January 16, and I'll be sharing my learnings in various ways. You can learn more and sign up here.

What were some good investments you made this year?

Mary Margaret

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