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Success Is Messy, So Don't Wait for Perfection

I like this idea that we should work with right timing for our projects. In a culture that moves at lightning speed, it's a lost art to reflect and check in. Do you have the energy right now? Does the project need more time to come together and be refined?

However, we can get too precious about this.

The truth is life is chaotic and success is a mess.

I love the scene in The Morning Show where Jennifer Aniston's character has a meltdown in the limo on the way to the awards show and then steps out for the cameras as if everything is perfect. I've lived in Los Angeles long enough now to hear stories about celebrities who appear to have everything but in reality are really struggling, and I have compassion for what it takes to handle success.

Perfect timing is a myth. Spirituality has given some people the impression that if they just wait for the right tarot card, the exact right astrological configuration, or a blessing from a psychic they're good to go and everything will work out great. And if they mess up the timing, it will be a disaster.

But in reality every creative project or entrepreneurial venture is a bit of a mess. It's a swirl of energy. It will not go according to plan. It takes strength and maturity to realize this is just how it always goes, and to be able to handle it.

Just keep going. Just keep going. If 2020 didn't teach you there are no guarantees around how much time you have, I don't know what will.

Perfectionism is a complete waste of time. Your first, second, third, fourth or fifth attempts aren't likely to bring you your definition of “success”. That's why you should start now. Your definition of success will change many times and you'll open up new opportunities and creative ideas only by taking action.

Just get into the mix of things. Get into the mess. Otherwise you're just a critic and a bystander.

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