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On the One-Year Anniversary of Mary Margaret Skelly Career Advisory

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Mary Margaret Skelly Career Advisory. Late last summer, I felt an urgent need to go out on my own and spread my message. So much so, that I left a trip early to come home and design the website!  Now I know why. The events of 2020 made it clear we need new leaders, new ways of working, new metrics of holistic success, more alignment, and more joy in our work - desperately. We have served 72 women this year, through our suite of offerings including executive coaching, private sessions, group advisory, training for coaches, and resume review services.  I'm so grateful the message has resonated and the company has been successful. I've started other businesses and I know this isn't always the case. The right blend of luck, right mentorship, preparation, and diligent work has spurred us onward, and left me very hopeful for the future. The world is experiencing extreme growing pains. There is a small percentage of people globally who want to take control and don't have humanity's best interests in mind. But the vast majority of people want equality, justice, and peace.  Don't ever think you're too insignificant to make a difference. Your personal improvement spreads outward and positively affects everyone in your orbit. The work I do is confronting. It requires the women I work with to face their blind spots, to identify where they have been holding themselves back, and to consistently show up for themselves and others.  Their families, friends, colleagues, clients - all of them get an upgraded, more harmonious experience. The fact that so many have been willing to dig into this work with us this year shows me that all we need is a tipping point. At some point, the ripple effect of this kind of personal evolution (that so many are engaged in, in various ways) will result in happier workplaces, happier communities, and a happier world. I believe that point can come very soon. Thank you to all of you for your support this year. I feel so fortunate to have found such aligned work that I truly enjoy. My wish for you is that you allow yourself the chance to do the same. You deserve it, and it's one of the more selfless things you can do.  ~ Mary Margaret  PS: Special thanks to Emily Davol, my Strategic Partnerships and Operations Manager, and so much more! You came at just the right time!

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