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Introducing the Archetypal Woman Series

Growing up, I went to very traditional schools. I then spent ten years in executive search. Much of that time was spent recruiting accomplished, incredibly impressive people in finance, law, consulting, and management who followed very linear career paths. The exposure and experiences I've had set me up for success and I'm very grateful for them.

However, I'm fascinated by people, women especially, who followed the muse. I love hearing stories of women who answer the call of their creativity. Creativity comes in many different forms, of course. Women don't typically think of themselves as creative unless they make a living as an artist, or they are into arts and crafts. But according to Merriam-Webster, to create is "to make or bring into existence something new". So we can be creative in any setting!

The old, tired, one-dimensional archetypes -- the soccer mom, the starving artist, the successful-but-lonely boss lady -- are dead. Women are creating new, multidimensional archetypes and defying stereotypes.

The most fulfilled women are constantly creating in multiple areas of their lives, whereas burnout often happens when we feel like the routine of our day job is all we have time for. The Archetypal Woman Series is a tribute to inspiring women who rearrange time and space to explore and excel in a range of activities. May their stories encourage you to expand into your own uniqueness for the benefit of you and everyone in your orbit.

In this series, I will regularly profile multidimensional women from across industries and levels. Look for their stories in the weeks to come.

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