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How Long is it Going to Take?

How long is it going to take?

That's what we want to know when we launch a new business. How long will it take for me to replace my previous income?

It's what we want to know when we start looking for a new job.

It's what we want to know when we start a new meditation practice or health regimen.

How long is it going to take?

Precise results are outside our control. Consider personal destiny, individual patterns of self-sabotage you might be working through, external market factors, and how committed you are - all will factor in.

There is much you can do to speed up results, including investing in support so you can build momentum and ensure you're moving in the right direction. It's worked well for me and for those who come to work with me.

And as I've heard said, there are no unreasonable goals - just unreasonable timelines. With enough focus and patience, you'll get to where you want to go, or somewhere even better. But the timing can be mysterious.

Here's one thing I can promise though: by adding in things you enjoy, you'll gain more energy to deal with the transition period.

No matter how busy you think you are, adding in opportunities to create actually gives you energy, minimizes the drudgery of your other responsibilities, and opens your eyes to new possibilities you couldn't see before.

Cases in point:

1) A woman came to me desperately wanting to leave her corporate job. However, she earned great money and had some serious financial responsibilities, so we agreed blindly jumping ship wouldn't serve her broader life goals. Luckily, one of the perks of her job was a lot of flexibility. We got her started on a side business doing something she really loved.

Because there wasn't pressure on this side business to immediately make money, she had more freedom to really play with and enjoy it. In the meantime, we worked on her relationship with her boss. Within a few months she was promoted and given a raise. Now that she has more compassion for her boss, and a more open line of communication, she enjoys her day job much more, and is content to slowly grow her side business while earning the corporate paycheck.

2) Another executive dissatisfied with her day job doubled down on her meditation practice and even wrote a book about her experiences. She discovered there was a big appetite at her corporation for her techniques, and she now teaches meditation to her colleagues as well as to other companies. Her day job gave her the credibility to get in the door at some of these client companies.

3) A lawyer I worked with had recently gone out on her own, and was in the new position of having to market herself to potential clients. During this busy time, she allowed herself to indulge in a seemingly unrelated hobby she loved - yoga - and ended up meeting a handful of the exact kind of creative clients she was looking for at the studio.

When you're in the vice grip of panic because you feel like you can't handle your day job for another minute, and yet feel trapped by your circumstances, know there is always a third way. Get as relaxed as possible, move the energy by engaging in activities you love, find the right guide, and let it unfold.

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