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Archetypal Woman Series: Tiffany Tate

The old one-dimensional female archetypes -- the soccer mom, the starving artist, the successful-but-lonely boss lady -- are dead. Women are creating new, multidimensional archetypes and defying stereotypes.

The most fulfilled women are constantly creating in multiple areas of their lives, whereas burnout often happens when we feel like the routine of our day job is all we have time for. The Archetypal Woman Series is a tribute to inspiring women who rearrange time and space to explore and excel in a range of activities. May their stories encourage you to expand into your own uniqueness for the benefit of you and everyone in your orbit.

Can you tell us a little bit about the work you do?

I work with visionaries to translate their soul's mission into magnetic visual language. New paradigms require new lexicons, and it’s my mission to elevate the healers and artists on this planet by helping them develop conscious marketing materials that honor their uniqueness and dharmic path.

I work with healers, mystics, artists and conscious leaders. Together we collaborate on designing anything from logos and websites to educational materials for online courses, strategic e-mail campaigns and album covers.

I believe that sharing your gifts, aka marketing, is a spiritual imperative for creatives dead set on shifting the energy on this planet. Marketing acts as an oracle, a window into a way one can grow, expand, and heal, while simultaneously being a sensual experience in and of itself.

I’ve found that a lot of people get tripped up around the idea of having to “sell themselves”. They’ve been convinced that it somehow invalidates their practice if they’re focused on monetizing it. This is a total myth perpetuated by people who want to see you stay small! If you’re aligned with your soul’s purpose during this incarnation, then sharing the toolbox you have at your disposal will feel like a true joy and necessity - for you and others.

We are in a time of rapid change! What encouraging trends are you seeing in your industry?

It’s funny because technically I’m in the design industry, but I’ve also always looked at myself as being in the wellness industry as an artist who seeks to shift perspectives and expand people's’ minds through imagery or experiences.

In both arenas I’m seeing things become more immersive and more holistic. People are really owning themselves and going for it, which is awesome and refreshing to watch.

I think we're starting to see a return to the human element of it all - the handmade, the personal, the hyper-specific, the vulnerable, the I-don't-give-a-fuck. I love to see this. I think feeling the heart frequency of any brand or offering is super important (and often strangely easy - it's either there or it's not) and people are really going for it and bringing this back to the table. They're really being themselves and not worried about the sleek, seamless facade any more. More rules are being broken, which feels like a breath of fresh air in this hypertech age.

What are some practical tools you use to help manage your time and energy?

In early February I moved to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, and spending time in nature is the best tool for creativity and productivity that I’ve ever encountered. We are on a huge quartz deposit, and I have to get my feet on the ground every day - it feels like a prayer, a pact, and it’s more rejuvenating than coffee or sleep.

Taking time to walk in the woods or meditate in my yard give me huge boosts of energy - even if it only takes 11 minutes. Scarcity is a myth, including the scarcity of time and ideas! When I’m in the woods walking in our creek or looking at the sun, I’m witnessing firsthand the magic and abundance of this planet. There is so much giving, and so many miracles happening around us every day. I mean, why waterfalls?! Why?! There is always enough time, and ideas and resources don’t run out - you just have to be in a place to accept that gift, that birthright - then it will flow to you!

But getting down to brass tacks - I 100% work where I’m inspired to every day. If I’m feeling stuck somewhere I don’t force it. That just results in me spending twice as much time on something with an end result that I feel lukewarm about. If I can listen and honor my true creative urges and work there, it’s literally like I’m bending time.

Incorporating unstructured creative time with no end output in mind also keeps my batteries fully charged - that and having really good emotional boundaries with the ability to confidently say no to other peoples' neurosis and not feel bad about it.

This is the Archetypal Woman Series, where we shine a spotlight on women who are bringing forth new, multidimensional ways of living and working. How would you describe the archetype you’re bringing onto the planet?

The archetype that I’m bringing on to the planet is one that is fearlessly committed to freedom, specifically the freedom to uncover the desire of your soul. You are here for a very specific reason. Don’t let other people tell you who you are, or what to believe. There’s belief and then there’s experience.

Language shapes reality, and our language is a mess of spells vastly inadequate at conveying the depth of the human experience. Craft your own language and free yourself from fear. Love yourself harder. Those that are truly free as themselves and learning to listen and see anew every day will only end up on their dharmic path. It’s inevitable. Just say yes and be a warrior for yourself!

Can you tell us about a woman who has had a significant impact on the trajectory of your career? What lessons did she impart?

Wow - what a hard question! I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with so many amazing powerhouse women, and I feel like the remnants or after effects of those encounters are always with me in one way or another! Everyone is a teacher.

One in particular stands out though, Eileen Neff, a photographer and mentor I had in graduate school. I have an MFA in studio art, and during my first critique with her she was more interested in talking about the pile of wood in the corner of my studio floor than in the work I had labored over for hours displayed on the wall. That really turned everything on its head for me.

She taught me the value of trusting myself and trusting a slow reveal and idea that I really believed in, rather than taking the middle road and watering myself down in an effort to appeal to more people. She was frank and super sharp.

In graduate school, and everywhere really, you encounter a lot of flowery language and superfluous spectacle that at the end of the day really only amounts to the results of someone not trusting themselves, so they’re trying on what they think they should be/say/do. You couldn’t get any of that shit past her - she was super real. She really taught me how to see, which is what I think all art is - a moment where you’re teaching someone how to see for the first time.

What's next for you? Do you have any projects in the pipeline you'd like us to know about? How can we support you and your work?

In addition to continuing to collaborate with others, I’m in the beginning stages of some solo projects!

I’m planning on launching a series of zines and digital presentations that teach people how to unlock the latent creative energy that we all came here with. Despite having three degrees and teaching design at the collegiate level, I’ve always been a huge DIYer. I’m the person that says “yes I can do that!” and then pulls an all-nighter teaching myself how to do said promised skill. I want to teach people how to believe in themselves and how to channel and express their visions in that fearless, say-yes-to-miracles kind of way.

This experience will be part traditional art studio education (color theory, emotional symbolism etc), part meditation and sigil casting, and part studio practicum. It’s also going to include a deck that I’m illustrating that will funnel all of these skills into an intuitive experience of self discovery that we will explore while diving into different practices and techniques.

What message do you want to share with the world?

You create the rules. Take risks. Choose joy. Build temples. Devote your life to becoming more and more yourself and endless opportunities, experiences and prosperity will flow to you when you shift into that lane. Seriously - all you have to do is get in the other lane. It’s as easy as you want it to be or as hard as you want it to be - you pick!

To view Tiffany's incredible work and learn more about her offerings, follow her on Instagram and on her website

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