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Archetypal Woman Series: Ruby Marsh

The old one-dimensional female archetypes -- the soccer mom, the starving artist, the successful-but-lonely boss lady -- are dead. Women are creating new, multidimensional archetypes and defying stereotypes.

The most fulfilled women are constantly creating in multiple areas of their lives, whereas burnout often happens when we feel like the routine of our day job is all we have time for. The Archetypal Woman Series is a tribute to inspiring women who rearrange time and space to explore and excel in a range of activities. May their stories encourage you to expand into your own uniqueness for the benefit of you and everyone in your orbit.

Can you tell us a little bit about the work you do?

My business in its current evolution is centred around supporting female creatives (think painters, designers, illustrators, upholsters even) in their first 1-3 years of business as they navigate their new role as a business owner.

With my guidance, they attract their dream clients, do work that speaks to their genius and navigate the balance of presence in the online world while having the energy to build something they're proud of. I was an architect until a few years ago so I can identify with some of the patterns that stop these women stepping into their potential.

I feel extremely blessed that this path showed itself to me. I've built this business slowly over the last few years because I wanted the right energy to be behind it and it's an absolute joy to work alongside many creative women. Body first, business second is a mantra I love. Primarily I work 1:1 with clients at the moment, but I've also been lucky enough to co-facilitate several retreats and probably 20+ workshops in the last 4 years. Groups bring a certain kind of energy I love in small doses.

We are in a time of rapid change! What encouraging trends are you seeing in your industry?

I'm not sure that this is a trend (because it needs longevity), but first and foremost I'm beyond grateful for 2020 and everything it has brought to light within the whitewashing of the wellness industry.

There's work to do and it can start with the individual - the small business owner - in our own backyards. Right now, we have access to a wide variety of communication tools that until now were typically out of any small business budget. We can literally have our own TV channel - it's mindblowing! What excites me about this is we can have a "platform" for not only building awareness of what we do as a business, but what we stand for.

What are some practical tools you use to help manage your time and energy?

For the last 18 months or so, I have really deepened my kundalini yoga and meditation practice. My whole mind-body connection has changed and it's flowing into so many areas of life. My teachers often refer to it as a kind of "self-psychology" and it's definitely helped me to slowly drop some of those thought patterns that unconsciously deplete energy.

I've recently become a little curious about my Human Design so that's a new rabbit hole to go down! Month by month I'm learning a little more about what it looks like to align my work and life with my menstrual cycle which helps a lot with my energy, mental health and that self-compassion. That's an unlearning in itself.

This is the Archetypal Woman Series, where we shine a spotlight on women who are bringing forth new, multidimensional ways of living and working. How would you describe the archetype you’re bringing onto the planet?

I love, love, love this question! Right now, the archetype I'm living into is one of the soul sister. It sounds super cheesy that term, but it's the words I feel best sum up my energy in this current period in my life. Here to gently nudge you in the direction of what's calling you. Kind, but honest (which could also be taken as blunt - thanks Sagi vibes). This means there's also a bit of fun about what I do, less "lukewarm", which is a something I'm learning to lean into as I can be quite serious.

Can you tell us about a woman who has had a significant impact on the trajectory of your career? What lessons did she impart?

Although she passed when I was two, I would love to honour my Grandmother Kathleen. She was a small business-owner and mother of four girls - a hairdresser. It must have been such a wild time to have a business in the 60's. I rarely say this but I've always known she's one of my angels and to know she could run a business, raise a family and create her own financial independence is a strong role model and guide for me.

What's next for you? Do you have any projects in the pipeline you'd like us to know about? How can we support you and your work?

The best support you can give is simply connecting if something resonates - whether that be through social media (Instagram is where I mostly hang out) or through my podcast True to You. I'm currently in the process of something super fun to be launched in 2021 but I can't say too much on that yet.

What message do you want to share with the world?

I'm floored by the number of women who talk to me about being either too much or not enough. Often both in the same sentence. On one end of the spectrum too salesy, too loud, too boring and the other - not qualified enough, experienced enough, not ready enough - the list goes on. I can guarantee you, what you think is too much is likely nowhere near too much and you have more than enough already to start. Just start something.

You can follow Ruby on Instagram @rubykmarsh and learn more at

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