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Archetypal Woman Series: Roberta Vommaro

The old one-dimensional female archetypes -- the soccer mom, the starving artist, the successful-but-lonely boss lady -- are dead. Women are creating new, multidimensional archetypes and defying stereotypes.

The most fulfilled women are constantly creating in multiple areas of their lives, whereas burnout often happens when we feel like the routine of our day job is all we have time for. The Archetypal Woman Series is a tribute to inspiring women who rearrange time and space to explore and excel in a range of activities. May their stories encourage you to expand into your own uniqueness for the benefit of you and everyone in your orbit.

Can you tell us a little bit about the work you do?

As a meditation teacher and entrepreneur, I inspire people to connect with their inner resilience and courage to pursue what lights them up. Previously a lawyer in Brazil and NYC, I understand the pressure and demands of the corporate world, and for the past ten years I have been offering wellness programs and courses that seamlessly, yet powerfully, integrate science, pragmatic spirituality and self improvement. I am the founder of Salt & Spirit, a wellness center in Vancouver, Canada.

We are in a time of rapid change! What encouraging trends are you seeing in your industry?

I think that since the new work from home trend has started, people have both literally and figuratively started to go more within. This means acknowledging the good ("what has been working in my life?") and the bad ("what changes do I need to do in order to connect with my passions? What lights me up?"). There is more realness, simplicity, and practicality, which I love.

What are some practical tools you use to help manage your time and energy?

Daily Breathwork and Kundalini Meditation are a must for me. I tend to choose the most powerful ones: quick, practical, that I can do anywhere (car meditation at the parking lot is a constant practice for me!).

This is the Archetypal Woman Series, where we shine a spotlight on women who are bringing forth new, multidimensional ways of living and working. How would you describe the archetype you’re bringing onto the planet?

The Pragmatic Mystic

Can you tell us about a woman who has had significant impact on the trajectory of your career? What lessons did she impart?

My mother. Our relationship hasn't always been easy, but her eagerness and strength have always been an inspiration. Our differences of opinions have been paradoxically helpful too, teaching me to see things from different perspectives, and to really stand my ground when I would choose a path. When I quit being a lawyer to teach yoga and meditation full time, she was not happy, but still, she understood it was my path. No matter what, she has always been there for me--even when not agreeing with me. In this confusing world with hundreds of different opinions, this is particularly inspiring and commendable.

What's next for you? Do you have any projects in the pipeline you'd like us to know about? How can we support you and your work?

I am currently working on a new online course, as well as expanding my current online platform. The idea is to support women who have busy schedules, cannot commit to longer practices or classes, but would like to fit a Meditation & Kundalini Breathwork into their schedules. My new online course is all about practicality, and will include short meditations, powerful prompts for self improvement, short audio lectures (listen at any time, anywhere and get powerful shifts!), and practice videos. I would love some support with networking!

What message do you want to share with the world?


You can follow Roberta on Instagram @roberta.vommaro and @saltandspiritwellness, and learn more about her course offerings at

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