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Archetypal Woman Series: Kimberly Hunter

The old one-dimensional female archetypes -- the soccer mom, the starving artist, the successful-but-lonely boss lady -- are dead. Women are creating new, multidimensional archetypes and defying stereotypes. The most fulfilled women are constantly creating in multiple areas of their lives, whereas burnout often happens when we feel like the routine of our day job is all we have time for. The Archetypal Woman Series is a tribute to inspiring women who rearrange time and space to explore and excel in a range of activities. May their stories encourage you to expand into your own uniqueness for the benefit of you and everyone in your orbit.

Editor's note: It's not easy when our natural gifts don't translate into a readily accepted line of work. Kimberly Hunter knows this all too well. She's had psychic gifts since she was very young, but spent many years trying to push them away so she could fit in. Now she has embraced them as a service to all who come to her for oracle readings (I have had one, and walked away feeling incredibly uplifted! You can book yours here). Kimberly grew up on the reservation in South Dakota and has a unique perspective on what it means to "help" others. ~ Mary Margaret

You are my only friend who lives in South Dakota. I’m fascinated to learn more about what life is like there. Have you lived there all your life? Is it special to you?

I grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I have lived in South Dakota all my life except for the few years I called Orlando, Florida home.

It is special to me because of my ancestral roots, the part of me that is Oglala Lakota. They run deep here geographically. I live in the Black Hills area of South Dakota; they were my people's home before we were relocated to the reservations.

I currently live off reservation in a small town of 600 called New Underwood. It's quiet and small, and as busy as the nearest 'city' is, even that still carries a flavor of small town living.

It's comforting in all the ways people find small town life comforting. We don't have to lock our doors, our children can run off down the road and around town and we know they are safe and okay, the public school offers smaller class settings and more one on one attention--the entire K-12 is in one building!

I love that we can drive 45 minutes and be deep in the Black Hills and completely immersed in the beauty and healing energy of Mother Nature. We frequent a lake located in the middle of the hills when the weather is kind. That's one of our most treasured activities as a family.

You offer oracle readings. What is a typical reading like? And how can people benefit from them?

Doing oracle readings is one of my favorite things to do on the planet! As unknown as the whole process can be as far as what comes through information-wise for each one, there is a steady heartbeat, rhythm and flow to the sessions.

It begins with a warm-up of sorts, with the person telling me a snapshot of where they are currently and what they are seeking answers to. I say warm-up because there is usually some static present as we both assimilate to the energy of the powerful portal we are in. It helps to give breath and space to a potentially stressful situation because most of my readings are done with strangers. They come to me by word of mouth or as friends of friends or they caught a post of mine from one of my social media platforms. It takes a lot to open up to a complete stranger.

My goal is to always transmit the energy of compassion, being completely open and ready to receive them without judgement and be worthy of their trust. This is done in an indescribable way as my energy field merges with theirs and the transmission begins.

After we get through the initial phase and settling in together, I physically close my eyes and let my other senses take over. This is where the information starts to stream in in the various ways it comes to me and I simply begin to describe to the person what is being seen, heard, felt, known and sometimes tasted and smelled! Those are always surprising and fun when I start to actually taste and smell something inside the transmission.

I feel mostly I am working as a bridge to shorten (and sometimes remove) the gap between the cosmic and earth realm for that person. There is always information from the cosmic beings present for the reading they want to convey to the person with me, and after that is completed (they take priority!), I work to help them answer their earth life questions and find solutions to their problems with the presence and guidance of the cosmos.

I don't always get the answers for the person. I have learned to accept this and because I have accepted it, this helps the person I am reading for accept it too. Some things are just meant to stay behind the veil until the perfect moment in time and space, and I work hard to delicately balance all of this inside the session. I deem the contract we have with our soul to be holy and treat it as such. I want to be of service to help propel the person forward but not be the one who is giving all the answers to the test out. Does that make sense?

Because really at its core, that's what this life is: a study, learning experience and test as life as a human being. Earth and all its full-spectrum, beautiful to painful facets provide the ultimate university experience for a soul, but I also feel that's why we get so lonely and afraid--and why when we find a friendly face in the crowd it means so much--because we are "away" from our cosmic family of origin, much like the earth experience of going away to university.

I always joke to anyone who will listen the earth experience is the universal and cosmic equivalent of going to an Ivy League school here in the states in all its painful to gorgeous glory, but that doesn't make it any less hard. And in my experience, the hardest things are always the most rewarding.

A reading with me usually ends up being validation and confirmation of something they already knew intuitively, and this in turn gives them the power and confidence from within to step forward into the thing that has been working to come through the noise of daily human life. Sometimes their soul/cosmic origin is revealed, or their destiny path, or the stepping stones to that highest destiny path, or an ancestor comes in to reveal a message--but 95% of the time the person already knew. It ends up being all they need to have the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going on what can be a hard and lonely path. This courage and endurance is what is so needed right now to turn the tables on the highest destiny of the human race and our planet.

When did you first know you had the ability to see things others don’t? Were you always comfortable with this gift?

I knew from the beginning I was viewing this life through a different lens. It translated in my family into shock when something would fall out of my young and unfiltered mouth. I wasn't always comfortable, no. In fact I would venture to say it's taken me 46 years--the length of this current life--to be fully comfortable and accepting of my gifts. (Your guidance was definitely a stepping stone to this!)

My youngest years were spent trying to figure out how to hide it and be accepted as normal. This turned into bouts of deep depression and substance abuse in my early twenties to try and "turn it off". Then, when I became a mother at age 25, there was a full circle completion of sorts at that stage. Motherhood serves as a deep and huge awakening and activation for women, whether we are "ready" or not!

When I looked into my son's eyes for the first time, the process of accepting myself in every way imaginable began--because I knew immediately that was the kind of mother and representation of the feminine I wanted to be, and how much I wanted my son to have complete and total acceptance and love of self.

How that translated over the years to come was still tricky and rocky and painful, but the goal has never gone from my vision. I have always been working in every way I can to attain this.

Every few years I would come out of my psychic closet and re-open my readings business, only to run back into my safety of hiding and routine of motherhood. I came out stronger and wiser every time. My clients have always been a beautiful reflection of that over the years. In any business or service situation, we will always attract the clients that reveal deeper pieces of ourselves that want to be seen, heard, known and healed. I have always and still do treat each client as my teacher as well as someone I serve.

My growth is reflected in the clients who come to me for help, and the reflection this time around has been awe-inspiring. So many conscious, intelligent, beautiful, motivated, powerful, earth-shaking women! I can't help but see this is where I am too, as much as that other part of me wants to hide away and pretend I don't have a literal buffet of services to offer my fellow humans.

You and I were in Kundalini Yoga teacher training together. You are vocal about your passion for bringing these teachings back to South Dakota, and especially to indigenous populations. Why is this important to you?

This is such a tender one for me. My eyes immediately welled up with tears. The reservation where I grew up is located in the poorest county in the United States. The reason why it's the poorest is because it's the home of my people. We as people and individuals have yet to heal from the takeover of the European settlers all those years ago. For all the reasons, my tribe is the last to "assimilate" to their new world.

For me this reflects their warrior spirit and indigenous pride, but how that plays out in day to day life over the generations into current times is substance abuse (meth and alcohol being our biggest enemies in that arena currently), tribal leadership problems, poverty due to no solid economic structure and flow in place, unhealed generational and ancestral trauma that continues to perpetuate as each new generation is born and just the overall inability to accept life for our people as it currently is. The ability of seeing things for what they currently are and accepting them is so powerful. That hasn't happened just yet.

There are so many people trying to help heal. One of the most repeated statements from our elders when someone leaves the reservation for education and/or life is: "Now make sure you come back to help heal our people." This has always weighed heavily on my mind, the desire to help heal our people. I know enough to know it starts with me deep inside, which is also what fueled my passion for self healing.

But I am learning it is also challenging because just like everywhere in our world that is working on deconstructing the inner and outer patriarchy, I am coming up against long-held belief systems and fear. The last thing I want to be is another person coming to the rez to "save the Indians" (even though I am one). This has been going on as long as we have been on the reservations! But because I am talking about yoga and meditation and various healing modalities from places other than our tribal spiritual belief systems, that's exactly where I end up being.

You and I and countless others know firsthand the power and healing potential of Kundalini Yoga. How I can share this technology with my people is still a locked door.

After my teacher training I was so fired up and ready to teach anyone and everyone willing. I started setting up weekly classes, some came and it was inspiring to see the subtle changes rippling out into the collective, especially my native people. A few months later I dove in and rented a space to offer more class times to what seemed like an eager audience. But for reasons still unknown to me it never took off. I didn't hesitate when we had an opportunity to leave a quickly unraveling situation, but what was pain and grief is now understanding and surrender to forces bigger than I.

In the end, I had to be okay with not being the one to share these teachings with my people. It may come or it may not, it may be me or it may not. Most of all what I have learned was to trust myself, my soul, the universal forces at play--but most of all to trust my native people. The ones still living on reservation day to day are playing out a grand scene on their stage. If it's not time for me to enter stage left, I accept this. If it never will be, I accept that too. If we are to go on the Yogi Bhajan teaching to "follow the energy", this is currently stagnant waters for me. I trust this explicitly.

I have noticed those who are drawn to a disciplined and rigorous Kundalini Yoga practice have often faced prolonged hardship in their lives. The usual tools didn’t work for us and we’ve sought out more effective methods. Was there a turning point for you, where you realized you would benefit from a practice like Kundalini Yoga?

There was a huge turning point, yes. As I entered my 44th year of life, I started to see things differently. I was standing on the outside of myself wondering why every Mercury retrograde for the past ten years do I want to divorce my amazing, loving, literal walking talking miracle of a husband and father to my children? What scared me was it wasn't just a passing thought anymore. It was a thought taking hold, growing roots and coming out to play every four months! A nudge from a friend was all it took and I found our teachers Guru Jagat, Harijiwan and Tej and RA MA TV. I grabbed onto my daily Kundalini practice like a lifeline that would save my life, my marriage and my children's life and didn't let go. It did all of that and more.

I am coming up on my two-year anniversary of having a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Mercury retrograde comes and goes without incidence of the thoughts of the past, and I continue to grow in ways I never thought possible.

You have seven amazing children. What has motherhood taught you?

What motherhood has taught me could be an infinite series of books that extend to the last day of my life on the planet here with all of you! But to break it down in the most simple way: they have taught me how to deeply love and accept myself in every way possible. I knew when they came to the planet they were my teachers. It has deepened and taken on different facets with each child born.

You are a talented writer. I am eagerly anticipating a book from you one day! In the meantime, what message do you want to share with the world?

At the risk of sounding like a cliche social media meme, these are my self-proven methods for healing ourselves:

  • Be ruthlessly kind.

  • Love yourself deeply.

  • Serve fiercely.

  • Have compassion for yourself (let the mistakes AND victories always be the lesson but not the sword).

  • Let gratitude overflow, even when you don't feel it. "Thank you" is one of our most powerful mantras.

  • May this all be done full, deep and complete. Start with yourself and it will naturally radiate to others as full acceptance takes over.

If you can't say with confidence that you do any of the above and want to see true transformation begin, consider this: within your mind, what thoughts do you allow to take the driver's seat and navigate your conscious stream of thought? Take responsibility for that. You are creating your reality. If it's destructive, do everything you can to take your mind back into the constructive zone.

This alone could be perfected for lifetimes upon lifetimes.

Kimberly has taken on many roles in this incarnation. Her current primary role is a devoted wife and at-home mother. With 26 years of experience, she also serves as Oracle offering healing sessions and transmissions to those called into her services.

You can book a reading with Kimberly here and follow her on Facebook and Instagram @sevanamjoti.

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