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Archetypal Woman Series: Judith González Ham

The old one-dimensional female archetypes -- the soccer mom, the starving artist, the successful-but-lonely boss lady -- are dead. Women are creating new, multidimensional archetypes and defying stereotypes. The most fulfilled women are constantly creating in multiple areas of their lives, whereas burnout often happens when we feel like the routine of our day job is all we have time for. The Archetypal Woman Series is a tribute to inspiring women who rearrange time and space to explore and excel in a range of activities. May their stories encourage you to expand into your own uniqueness for the benefit of you and everyone in your orbit.

Editor's note: Medication for Hashimoto's thyroiditis works for some. For others, it merely masks the initial symptoms while creating others, and we are driven to get off it as soon as possible. Little did I know while I was living in Phoenix, figuring out how to heal by myself, Judith was several hundred miles south in Mexico City doing the same. We are never alone in what we are going through.

Judith turned her experience into a thriving online business, Sana tu Tiroides, where she offers healing support to women directly and through the corporations where they work. Read on for her thoughts on self-healing and the state of female entrepreneurship in Latin America. ~ Mary Margaret

Can you tell us about your current business, and what motivated you to start it?

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto`s thyroiditis, I was told I had to be on medication for life but I was absolutely sure I was going to heal. I decided to change my life completely, quit my job, entered nutrition school, found a training around yoga specially for the thyroid and many things changed in the process.

My biggest motivation to create Sana tu Tiroides was to share the profound healing I received when discovering new techniques, resources and ideas that healed me. I didn`t find any resources in Spanish, so I created that resource to help people from Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries. After four years, I´m no longer on medication, have created an online community of over 7,000 people, and developed a unique program that blends nutrition, yoga, conscious movement, leadership principles and online resources that has supported 50 women regain their energy, connect to their own leadership, leave abusive relationships , address the workaholic tendencies that are common in that group and find healing in the self sabotage that haunts our psyche through specific practices that strengthen .

The program works well in collaboration with MDs and psychological professionals if needed. We will start to transfer what has worked for other conditions through online products and services for our first corporate client in 2020.

Would you mind sharing the steps you took to heal yourself from your own thyroid condition?

Sure! I changed my diet leaving all gluten, dairy, pork, canned food, and changed to organic to reduce my toxic load. I started a homeopathic protocol called homotoxicology, reversed my leaky gut and started with supplementation. Alongside those changes, I connected to a new purpose, started studying Holistic nutrition at Bauman College, got certified in Thyroid yoga, and continued practicing Kundalini yoga.

I had deep healing and a huge paradigm shift in a coaching process recognizing my limiting beliefs and reconciling with my past, what it meant to be a woman, the relationship with men, work, and with my own creativity. I started working at an innovation agency and learned new things. After a year of that my antibodies were reversed. I sometimes had setbacks that made me recommit to my personal practices, therapy and diet to regain confidence and energy that sometimes fluctuated. After four years of weaning off my medication gradually, I just completed my first 12K medication-free.

What kind of work did you do before this? What did you study in school?

I left Mexico to study Interior Architecture and Design in Barcelona at nineteen. I came back after six years and started working as a designer, later co-founded a Mexican wine brand with illustrators that designed the labels, and led the biggest photo gallery on the streets of Mexico City, the Inside Out Project of the French artist JR. I also worked as a creative director for more than 90 restaurants that Grupo Modelo, a beer corporation, sponsored.

You were born in Mexico City and have lived there for many years. What is the work culture like there?

Mexico City is a fast-paced city, home to 21 million people. It requires strategies to live well. Usually, 53% of people spend up to thirty minutes to reach their workplace and 20% spend thirty minutes to one hour daily. People are in need of ways to eat better and move more, as our country has one of the highest rates of cardiovascular disease. There's a gender pay gap of 17% and men are usually leading.

So you can live in that world or create another where slowly, the number of independent or remote workers have outgrown the people that work in offices. Mexico City has become a hub in Latin America for innovation, startups, investment funds and progressive thinking but also has high levels of social inequality.

I recently learned from you that there is only one professional association for women start-up founders in all of Latin America (and you’re a part of it). What do you think it would take for this to change?

It starts with education and as a society, we need to rethink feminine roles and our capacity to lead. The most accepted roles are the traditional ones. This devaluation of women is a collective hypnosis that has led to a crisis in security and being a woman is a risk.

I see and believe in a world where women are raising their voices, getting more educated, organizing and starting a social movement where self-confidence, self-care, taking care of one another, exposing oneself to global influences and technology will change this paradigm.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Take care of your mental and emotional health as seriously as the work that you are doing, as everything that emanates from you will impact your clients, employees and personal relationships. Believe in the power of rest and receptivity. Our feminine qualities will always make you stand out in a world in need of empathy, connection, intuition and humanness.

What do you want women to know about how they can take control of their health?

Your body has memory and a consciousness of her own. Take the time to breathe, feel your emotions as they are and let her move as she wants to move daily. Yoga can connect you to other realms and to your own divinity and balance your hormones. Food is related to your personal story and connected to how you feel your worth. Take the time to heal from the inside and your body will follow. Your body will lead you to new places, experiences and your truth. Listen to her and ask for help. You don´t need to go through it by yourself.

What do you believe you are ultimately here on earth to do?

I am a channel to spread well-being, transformation and beauty to the world. I feel a call to use technology to spread practical ways to feel better in our everyday and gather a group of like-minded individuals to make it happen.

Judith González Ham is the founder of ​Sana tu Tiroides,​ based in Mexico City and online to educate, inspire and support people with thyroid and hormonal imbalances through holistic practices like yoga, holistic nutrition and embodiment practices in collaboration with MD’s.

You can find Judith at and Instagram and Facebook @sanatutiroides.

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