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Let's find out how we can best work together.

In your complimentary thirty-minute video call, we'll discuss the work-related questions that are top of mind for you. Then, we'll put together the most effective package. The length of time we will work together is dependent upon whether our focus is longer-term leadership development coaching, career change strategy, burnout recovery strategy, or simply resume support and interview preparation.

Our sessions might cover any of the following:

  • Identifying the root cause of burnout and collaborating on a recovery plan

  • Eliminating the feeling of leading a double life by artfully aligning your personal interests with your day job

  • Gaining the confidence to become more visible and deliver your own unique gifts

  • How to find more joy in your day-to-day

  • A long-term career change strategy

  • Support while you launch your own business

  • Accountability and new perspectives to exponentially expand your current business

  • Shifting interpersonal dynamics at work

  • Improving a specific skill that might have been highlighted in a performance review

  • Tools to become a more effective team leader

  • Time, energy and resource management for less overwhelm

  • Polishing your resume 

  • Interview preparation and practice

  • Deciding whether to take a job opportunity

  • Creating a step-by-step promotion strategy

  • Coming up with new business development channels

Your dreams come to life when you speak them out loud to an objective outside party with the wisdom and experience to hold you accountable to them and to identify your blind spots. You deserve to do work you enjoy in a supportive setting. Often, this does not require a massive life overhaul, but rather, a shift in mindset and priorities.

A transformative alchemy happens when two focused people come together to solve a problem. If you've taken yourself as far as you can on your own, let's talk.

We aren't meant to go it alone. You will accelerate exponentially with the right person holding the vision alongside you.


Leveraging my ten years of C-level executive search and leadership advisory experience, as well as the knowledge, perspective and skillset I've gained as a serial entrepreneur, I carefully guide my clients through a process designed to awaken them to their own self-knowing.

One on One Advisory Sessions

"Mary Margaret has that unique ability to see straight to the heart of any matter. She is the smart, savvy and deeply spiritual career advisor your school never had. The world would be a very different place if it had. Her advice saved me from an exhausting detour down the wrong path. I cannot recommend her services enough.”

— Amanda, Journalist and Author (Los Angeles)

"Mary Margaret is thoughtful, perceptive, quick-witted and on the cutting edge of mentorship in a time when the traditional work/earn-a-living environment is going through drastic transformation. She gets it. In a short period of time she was able to accurately and intuitively understand the position I'm in, generate thought-provoking questions and offer helpful guidance on next steps. Most of all, I felt heard. Understood. Affirmed. I finished our call feeling more confident, focused and optimistic." 

— Dana, Logistics and Procurement Manager (New York)

"If you are stuck or your career has wandered off track, I highly recommend working with Mary Margaret. She is a great listener and advisor. She gave me really valuable advice on possible alternatives and next steps to explore based on my current phase of life. I definitely hadn't thought of these alternatives before!"

— Tanu, Business Systems Manager (Birmingham, UK)