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Grounded, Generous, Guilt-Free

Principles of Lasting Money Confidence

A 3-part live workshop with Mary Margaret Skelly

4 pm Pacific

Monday, March 29

Tuesday, March 30

Wednesday, March 31


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“There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary. Poor is eternal.”


– Robert Kiyosaki


You're desperate to make a career change and start doing what lights you up full-time. But the financial implications are daunting. Can you really make enough to thrive, not just survive?

Think about this: why is it okay for investment bankers (a profession I respect) to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you can't make a comfortable living in your healing, coaching, or wellness business?

Some may argue it's just what the market dictates. But everything is changing now. If one session with you can positively change the course of someone's life, forever, you deserve to be well-compensated. It may not always seem this way, but the truth is the economic market of the future rewards those on a high frequency here to do good.


But you have to play a role in ushering in this new era by getting right with yourself.

It's not spiritual to be broke. When your own needs and wants are met, you're secure. Then you can stop obsessing over your own limitations, put your head up and start being of use to others. The world needs you to be financially prosperous. It needs conscious people to have the power and influence that - like it or not - money brings.

Money brings options, variety, and enjoyment in the material plane. It's far from evil. But there's a lot of programming we have to let go of in order to truly believe this.

It's time to master your relationship with money so that no matter what inevitable ups and downs come your way, you move forward with confidence.

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“What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.”

— Julia Cameron

Who is this for?

Anyone who's tired of feeling stuck when it comes to money inflow. Money ups and downs are just part of life, and wild swings can be a sign of a life well-lived and risks taken. But when you've been stagnant for way too long, it's time to switch it up.

This workshop will be especially helpful for those who want to leave behind a steady paycheck and start their own business (or take their existing business full-time) but have the stubborn limiting belief that only those who work 9-5 in a traditional job can make enough to support themselves.


You may not know you have this limiting belief. But if you're really honest with yourself, you may subconsciously believe it would be irresponsible to seek out more happiness in your working life. And that if you do, you'll be punished with poverty.

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Workshop Format

Yogis call the springtime period from March 20 to April 21 "money minting season". It's a potent time to renew your relationship with money and chart a new course.


Within this powerful window, we'll meet on three consecutive days for an hour. Come ready with a notebook and pen for a lecture, journaling and meditative exercises, and live Q&A. Be prepared for some homework.

“It's a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.”

— Albert Camus

(If this quote "triggers" you, this workshop is right for you.)

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Monday, March 29: Grounded

You have to be grounded to hold prosperity. You've seen examples of people who get a windfall, and then months later they're broke again. It's because they can't hold onto cash. This doesn't have to be you. We'll talk about how to plant your feet firmly on the earth, get practical around tracking your inflow and outflow, stay relaxed and light, and tighten up energy leaks so you can become a container money flows to consistently.

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Tuesday, March 30: Generous

We have cultural ideas around stingy billionaires, but truly prosperous people who are enjoying their success are generous. They gave before they had the money to give. The rare wealthy person who is actually enjoying what she has understands money is energy, and energy needs to move. She gives freely. This is different from throwing off the energy by spending senselessly and impulsively. We'll explore the nuance.

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Wednesday, March 31: Guilt-Free

The biggest block you have around money is your guilt. Whether it's a religious vow of poverty you subconsciously took, or you feel bad you didn't follow the career path your parents expected you to, you feeling bad about money is keeping it from you. In times past, the archetypes held up as role models lived with lack. Now we realize money allows us to actually enjoy the full spectrum of the human experience if used wisely.

Drop your money hang-ups so you can move on to more interesting challenges.

I earned great money from corporate jobs at a young age, then went into the red when I started my own business.


I've ridden the wave of financial ups and downs, and I've enjoyed it the entire time. When I need resources, they come.


I've developed a strong center and ultimate confidence that I can weather any storm. This is my definition of prosperity.

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"You hold a space where you make things simple, and yet we go so deep."

"I so appreciated the collaborative container you created for us - the gentle guidance you offered and your ability to cut through to the heart of our questions / needs and point us in the right direction...I would take it again in a heartbeat."

"The depth and breadth that was packed into such a short amount of time was crazy! So much to chew on."

"For some reason the way you laid it out really landed for me differently."

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