Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private session like?​

The calls are highly individual and tailored to your personal situation. Some people come to me needing more structure and definition. Many others seek to reconnect with their essence and get back on the right dharmic track. I've been told I have a "surgical" approach and can get right to the heart of the matter, using both real-world career strategy and my extensive training in meditation, breathwork, self-healing and wellness. 


How do I know if we're the right fit?

This is up to you and your intuition. You'll know if and when the timing is right, and I encourage you to trust your own assessment. You can get a feel for me and my work by following me on Instagram @marymargaretskelly, signing up for my newsletter, and reading select case studies from other clients. 

How long do sessions last?

We live in the real world, and I understand you have to plan ahead and block time. So I tell clients to plan for 45-minute sessions. Respectfully, however, if you're focused on extracting value from your investment based on the amount of time you'll receive, you're holding onto an outdated model. We can uncover an insight within the first five minutes that forever changes the course of your working life. I've also been known to let calls run long when we're still unearthing valuable information. Trading time for money is not something I want to see you doing in your work, and it's not something I offer in mine, as I know it's not representative of true value.

What is your background and what are your qualifications?

I spent ten years as an executive recruiter. Early in my career, I was based in New York City, and placed top leaders within banks, hedge funds, and Fortune 500 companies. I then held a similar role internally at Google. In my current capacity as a leadership advisor, I've served over 100 people across industries, levels of seniority, and geography over the last couple years. I've also studied and practiced an intensive form of meditation, yoga, and breathwork called Kundalini Yoga with some of the most senior teachers in the world for well over 1,000 hours. I find the blend of my professional experience plus the holistic healing, clear-mindedness and bias for right action that the yogic experience naturally engenders makes for a powerful and rare combination. You can read my full background here.

What kind of challenges do people come to you with?

Mostly, although people don't usually phrase it this way, people come to me to build confidence and move past insecurities holding them back from showing up in the world the way they know they're meant to. The challenges usually fall into one of five categories: leadership development, career change strategy, entrepreneurial acceleration, burnout recovery, and creative coaching. You can learn more about all these here

Do you specialize in a certain industry or role? 

No. I think the most boring dinner party conversation starter is "So, what do you do?". It leads to narrow judgments. Who knows what you'll actually be doing in five years? I'm not going to categorize you. My breadth and depth of experience allows me to serve a broad range of backgrounds. Read about some of their stories here

Can you help me with my resume, with my job search, or preparing for an interview?

Sure. I can and have. These are things I've done my entire career. But it's usually an aside. I want to encourage you to have the confidence to do those things quickly on your own. The information you need is all out there on the internet. I'm more interested in determining why these things scare you, why you've been putting them off, why you believe you can't have the job you want, and why potential employers and clients aren't already knocking down your door begging you to work with them.

I'm not ready to invest in a private session. How can I stay connected and learn about other ways to work with you?

You can follow me on Instagram @marymargaretskelly and sign up for my newsletter. There you can pick up some tips and also stay updated on group offerings and talks.

Other questions? Email

"Mary Margaret has that unique ability to see straight to the heart of any matter. She is the smart, savvy and deeply spiritual career advisor your school never had. The world would be a very different place if it had. Her advice saved me from an exhausting detour down the wrong path. I cannot recommend her services enough.”

"Mary Margaret is thoughtful, perceptive, quick-witted and on the cutting edge of mentorship in a time when the traditional work/earn-a-living environment is going through drastic transformation. She gets it. In a short period of time she was able to accurately and intuitively understand the position I'm in, generate thought-provoking questions and offer helpful guidance on next steps. Most of all, I felt heard. Understood. Affirmed. I finished our call feeling more confident, focused and optimistic." 

"If you are stuck or your career has wandered off track, I highly recommend working with Mary Margaret. She is a great listener and advisor. She gave me really valuable advice on possible alternatives and next steps to explore based on my current phase of life. I definitely hadn't thought of these alternatives before!"

"If you're looking to take your passion from side hustle to career, Mary Margaret Skelly will light your path there. She is a true champion of women who are ready to break the silos of persona and ditch limited views of success in order to finally chart their own paths toward holistic prosperity."