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With Mary Margaret Skelly


"In the simplest and deepest of ways, working with Mary Margaret has changed my life."

- Head of Brand Strategy, Fortune 500 company

"Working with the best will make you the best. Just go ahead and sign up."

- Chief of Staff, U.S. House of Representatives

I help you with confident decision-making, managing a team, conflict resolution, effective communication and presence, adjusting to increased responsibility, and managing your energy while facing unprecedented challenges in the age of information overload. 

Investing in the support required to cultivate a fulfilling work life is a gift to everyone around you. Achieving excellence in your sphere is your birthright. It requires precision, objective feedback, and an experienced, unbiased sounding board.


Our focus might be any combination of the following:





Chief of Staff, 

U.S. House of Representatives

"I had been in a leadership role for about two years before I started sessions with Mary Margaret. I quickly realized that in my relentless focus on climbing the ladder I never made a point to make sure I was trained and equipped for what waited for me at the top. Each session with Mary Margaret was a new adventure that taught me something different and presented me with the necessary vision for action to achieve my present and future. Without her counsel I am confident I would have unfortunately continued to pretend like I knew what I was doing, stunting my own personal growth and more tragically the employees that work for me. Working with the best will make you the best. Just go ahead and sign up."

Director, HR

"Mary Margaret is an absolutely stellar guide and consultant. She is a force to have by your side. She partners well, has advanced listening skills, and keen vision about what is possible. I highly value the time I spent with Mary Margaret and recommend her to anyone who wants to enjoy their life and have impact through their work."

Financial Services Professional

"I started working with Mary Margaret before the pandemic hit and I was moving in one direction and then during quarantine I had to pivot and she supported me through it all. Working with Mary Margaret helped me in ways I did not expect but deeply needed. With the experience she brings, Mary Margaret has a unique gift to bring out your best."

Founder & CEO

"Working with Mary Margaret has been nothing short of incredible and the single best investment I have made in my business. Her guidance and knowledge helped me recreate the way I work and in ways I couldn't have ever imagined. Her intangible gifts and thoughts around leadership are paving the way for a new era of working. Every business leader and entrepreneur could benefit from her work."

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