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Case Studies

Aside from the ten years I spent in executive recruiting, I've worked with over 100 individuals around the world over the last couple years as a leadership, career and creativity guide.


These include Chiefs of Staff on Capitol Hill, C-level hospital administrators, lawyers, yoga instructors, artists, healers, accountants, heads of business development and sales, film directors, social media managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. 

Here are some of their stories.

Hillary: Launching her own coaching business

Kate: A lawyer seeking meaningful work

Colette: Returning to the corporate world
with a richer perspective

Liv: A financial services professional ready
for a big change

Colette: Returning to the corporate world with a richer perspective 

Ataria: Finding her voice and tapping into a
new level of creativity

*A note on privacy

Names with an asterisk have been changed. These stories have been used with full permission and client editorial license. Confidentiality and trust are important to me. 

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