Moving Beyond Overwhelm


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2 hours of video and a 10+ page workbook

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Anthony William calls this age "The Quickening" because of how fast everything is moving. Our lives are pressurized in ways previously unseen. The resulting overwhelm is uncomfortable, unproductive, and unnecessary. Yes - it's actually optional!

Life's intensity is challenging you to gain and use new tools to get more done in less time. It's less about grinding away, and more about getting into the right frequency where more gets done with less effort. All this pressure is a wonderful opportunity.

The things you seek are seeking you. They can come to you when you have created space in your life because you're no longer overwhelmed with your daily tasks.


This workshop is for anyone who is ready to alchemize the intensity of this time into a catalyst for personal growth and more effective energy management:

  • parents of small or special needs children

  • entrepreneurs who also balance a full-time job

  • people managing chronic illnesses who also have to work to survive

  • employees whose companies have asked them to do more with less during the pandemic

  • students navigating school against a stressful global backdrop

  • any human doing their best to balance work, money, health, relationships, and creative endeavors



In this course, I cover exactly how and why we get to the point of overwhelm so you can pinpoint exactly how to get yourself out of it.

I pack a lot in, including:

  • how to spot and overcome adrenaline addiction (aka the habit of getting high on being busy)

  • exactly what to automate, delegate or eliminate

  • through simple breathing and meditation techniques, how to get into a vibratory state where solutions and help arrive fast

  • how to actually trust that you can "let it be easy" and why it's not a selfish philosophy

  • how to ruthlessly prioritize in service to your larger goals

  • how to identify your own priorities (they aren't always what you think they "should" be)

  • eliminating the word "should" from your vocabulary from now on

You'll receive 2 hours of video and a detailed 10+ page workbook. By the end of this workshop, you'll have a plan for exactly how you can eliminate overwhelm - forever.

About Mary Margaret

An Uber driver once told me (unsolicited) that I looked like I was wound pretty tight. I spent most of my life in a state of overwhelm. After several autoimmune diagnoses and an epic case of burnout, I was highly motivated to change things. I've spent over a decade advising executives, entrepreneurs and creatives on their working lives. Combined with hundreds of hours of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice and study, I've developed a highly efficient toolkit for moving completely beyond the frantic, anxious pace so prevalent today.

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Love for past workshops

"You hold a space where you make things simple, and yet we go so deep."

"I so appreciated the collaborative container you created for us - the gentle guidance you offered and your ability to cut through to the heart of our questions / needs and point us in the right direction...I would take it again in a heartbeat."

"The depth and breadth that was packed into such a short amount of time was crazy! So much to chew on."

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