Accelerate + Evolve

A transformative alchemy occurs when two or more focused people come together to solve a problem.


If you've taken yourself as far as you can on your own, explore Accelerate + Evolve, a three-month private + group advisory experience.

You are:

  • Ready to make a change but don't know where to start,

  • Stepping into a new leadership role,

  • Transitioning from the corporate world into launching your own business, or

  • Ready to invest in making a quantum leap in your existing business.


You need:

The Goal

Maybe it's clear, or maybe you need support figuring out what the most expansive possible future could look like.

Practical Action Steps

Together we'll identify how to break your big vision into actionable steps, and how to gain any new skills you might need.

The Right Attitude

We'll explore the limiting beliefs preventing you from moving forward. 

Enough Vitality

We'll work to remove energy drains and prioritize what fills you up.

Minimal Desk

What will I receive?

Bespoke, targeted guidance that will quickly propel you in the right direction

Clarity and expanded confidence in your ability to take charge of your future

Access to a network of conscious leaders navigating similar opportunities

What is the format?

4 private sessions with Mary Margaret


3 small group advisory sessions with Mary Margaret


Individual, targeted assignments in between

What is my investment?

About Mary Margaret


  • 10+ years of leadership advisory experience


  • Apprenticed with senior executive coach at Google


  • Has advised hundreds of people across industries and seniority levels on leadership development + their next career move


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Your dreams come to life when you speak them out loud to an objective outside party with the wisdom and experience to hold you accountable to them.


You deserve to do work you enjoy in a supportive setting, making full use of your gifts and potential. Often, this does not require a massive life overhaul, but rather, a shift in perspective

and priorities.

Choose the plan that works best for you:

Want to learn more? Share more about yourself here and we'll follow up to schedule an exploratory call.


Mary Margaret is an absolutely stellar guide and consultant. If you seek to embody something unique she is a force to have by your side. She partners well, has advanced listening skills, and keen vision about what is possible. She has helped me see myself from a new perspective, enhance my online presence, improve my outlook at work, and come up with a timeline for a book that I had been struggling with for 5+ years. I highly value the time I have spent with Mary Margaret and recommend her to anyone who wants to enjoy their life and have impact through their work.

- Rachel, Healthcare Executive (Portland, OR)


Having a career advisor that holds the frequency Mary Margaret holds is just really special and the combined impact vibrates beyond our imaginations.

- Lisa, Financial Services Chief Operating Officer (Philadelphia, PA)


I am a solo wellness practitioner. Mary Margaret was able to see my blind spots and help me build beyond them. Her guidance revealed the value and importance of my offerings. All areas of my life were affected by our work together, as in any worthy transformation. It becomes a domino effect, and the benefits are continuously unraveling. Just start!

- Lisa, Wellness Entrepreneur (Red Bank, NJ)