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About Me

I believe it's time for you to feel better at work.

I have intensive, real-world training combined with a realistic vision of how much more fulfilled we can become as individuals, communities, and a planet if we evolve the way we work.

I have advised hundreds of business leaders through my work as an executive search consultant on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, and for companies of all sizes across industries around the world. As the co-founder and former co-CEO of a sustainable fashion business, Weve, I also understand the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs. 


I began my career at Heidrick & Struggles, the global executive search firm, where I interviewed and placed Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Legal Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Board Directors, Private Equity Investment Professionals, and more at some of the largest corporations and banks around the world.


I was then recruited to Google, where I advised senior leaders on how to assess and select the most effective team members. I also trained with one of Google's former top executive coaches, and I continue to learn from him today.


Most recently, I oversaw all of the executive search teams as Director of Operations at Y Scouts, a purpose-driven executive search firm focused on connecting mission-aligned leaders to work that matters. There I managed, coached and developed an internal team of recruiters while continuing to serve external clients.

I have a BA in English from the University of Notre Dame. I live in Los Angeles and work with people from various industries all over the world.

I've seen a lot. And sadly, I've observed way too many working people who are completely overwhelmed and dissatisfied.


I believe this can be remedied in a pragmatic way by reconnecting to our essence, forgetting much of what we've learned about what a successful life looks like, and staying true to ourselves. The traditional, one-dimensional path simply does not work for most of us.

There is a life for you that includes work you are excited about in a supportive environment.


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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

It's impossible to excel at work in this high-pressure age of information overload without some kind of disciplined system of care for our mental, physical and emotional health. Kundalini Yoga is the most effective method I have found. It combines breath, physical yoga, mantra and meditation for a full body-mind-system overhaul. Those who practice it regularly experience profound improvements related to physical health, clarity around their purpose, emotional stability, relationships, and creativity.

I am a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher with well over a thousand hours of training and I study with Guru Jagat. I welcome the opportunity to incorporate this meditative technique into my advisory work for those who are curious about it.


Most importantly, however, I'll encourage you to find what works for you.

"Mary Margaret has an evolved and 360 approach to leadership, based in compassion, growth and individuality. I 100% recommend her work!"

"Mary Margaret is an inspirational leader. Her 1:1 coaching and ability to advise helped amplify the positive impact of our team. I'm particularly grateful for her insight and steadfast dedication."

"Her sessions were invaluable and so inspiring. The information was gold! I am very grateful."