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About Me

After spending over a decade in executive search on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, I trained in executive coaching with my mentor, advisor to leadership teams at Google.


I have also spent the last six years learning, practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and the associated study of the mind and human behavior.

Today I work with C-suite executives, government leaders, and entrepreneurs. I've coached over 200 professionals as they seek to develop as leaders, plan major career shifts, and manage their energy.

"Mary Margaret has an evolved and 360 approach to leadership, based in compassion, growth and individuality. I 100% recommend her work!"

"Mary Margaret is an inspirational leader. Her 1:1 coaching and ability to advise helped amplify the positive impact of our team. I'm particularly grateful for her insight and steadfast dedication."

"Her sessions were invaluable and so inspiring. The information was gold! I am very grateful." 

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