Inspiring you to love your work.

Fulfilling work is your birthright.

It is my personal mission to elevate people who want to work like human beings (not robots).  I guide you to more confidently do the work you are meant to do in a joyful and prosperous way.

We thrive when we have the dignity of positively contributing to society without conforming to the one-dimensional, linear work environments that have been the status quo.


The mere presence of a fulfilled, creative and multidimensional human being in the workplace can uplift countless others.  Investing in the support required to cultivate a fulfilling work life is a gift to everyone around you.

Personalized Advisory

"I am grateful for all I learned from Mary Margaret and I would work with her again in a second."

“Mary Margaret is a true professional at dissolving the separation between all the different facets of us as women. Her work is a bridge from where we are to a more expansive version of who we can be."

"Whilst I reached out with specific 'things' I wanted to work on in my corporate career, it's also true that working through this has had a profound ripple effect on my life. Everything is intertwined."

"So many rich, ah-ha moments and gifts of clarity."

"Mary Margaret was able to take my somewhat convoluted career story and reflect back to me a beautiful new perspective on how to approach my next steps and decision-making process. She was clear and coherent in articulating elements of both the cerebral and metaphysical aspects of my journey. If you are not sure what you want to do next, or how, talk to Mary Margaret!"