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It's my mission to support leaders whose daily decisions have a massive ripple effect. I offer executive coaching and leadership development services to C-suite executives, government leaders, entrepreneurs and emerging professionals.

Investing in the support required to cultivate a fulfilling work life is a gift to everyone around you. Achieving excellence in your sphere - while also retaining ample time and energy for relationships, health, and creativity - is your birthright. It requires precision, objective feedback, and an experienced, unbiased sounding board.



  • For C-suite executives, government leaders, entrepreneurs and emerging professionals

  • 3- month package (renewable)


  • Custom packages 

  • Facilitate leadership team interactions within start-ups and larger organizations



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It matters to me that you have a positive experience at work. After all, it's where we spend most of our time. You deserve to feel stimulated, respected, autonomous, purposeful, and in charge of your own destiny. When you do, everyone in your orbit - your family, your colleagues, your community - benefits.


I have been in leadership advisory for 14 years, and have coached, interviewed and placed hundreds of leaders across industries.


After spending over a decade in executive search on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, I trained in executive coaching with Founder Bay, the leadership advisory firm founded by the exclusive executive coach to acquired CEOs at Google. 

Today I work with C-suite executives, government leaders, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders as they seek to develop as leaders, plan major career shifts, and manage their energy.

Alongside my professional career I've invested thousands of hours learning, practicing and teaching meditation. For five years, I studied daily with my now late meditation teacher, who served as mentor and coach to Hollywood luminaries.

I've enjoyed giving talks at the University of Southern California as well as to various professional and women's groups in New York and Los Angeles. I'm a member of the Malibu Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce and Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles.

I have a BA from the University of Notre Dame. I sit on the board of Evinco Energy, a solar company based in Austin, Texas. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and serve clients around the world.

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